Which is the best career option YouTuber Vs Real jobs?

Which is the best career option YouTuber Vs a Real job?

Which is the best career option YouTuber Vs Real jobs ?

In today's time many people are confused about what is the job, what is the true meaning of youtube, so today we are going to tell that Jobs and YouTube are very different.

Work done to earn money simply called jobs. There are various kinds of job available some are technical and other are nontechnical.  In jobs, employees work for a company and it can be part-time, full time or on a contract basis. In a job, we have to work in a group.

Youtube is a video-sharing social media-based platform. On Youtube, we have to create interesting, knowledgeable, and attractive videos for the public. Youtube is the best platform to show your talent and skills.

The Basic difference between job vs YouTuber

1.) You need to have a degree to do a job, while there is no need for a degree to become a YouTuber.
2.) You get a salary after every month on the job but not sure on youtube.
3.) An employee has to work according to the company in Jobs but in YouTube, we can work according to our interests.
4.) In a job, you have to work in the company but on youtube, you can work from anywhere.
5.) In jobs, you can earn fix money but on Youtube, you can earn unlimited money
6.) In jobs, your promotion depends on your work but on Youtube, your growth depends on your content.
7.) There is no risk of earning money in jobs, but any rules can be changed on YouTube at any time, and sometimes your channel's earnings also stop or the channel can be suspended due to any reason. so earning on youtube is a bit risky

Top 10 Most-subscribed youTube channels

Top 5 Richest YouTubers

1.) Jeffree Star: Net worth: above $200 million.

2.) Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePiE): Net worth: above $40 million.

3.) Mark Fischbach(Markiplier): Net worth: above $35 Million.

4.) Daniel Middleton (DanTDM): Net Worth: above $30 Million.

5.) Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s World): Net Worth: above $30 Million.

Which is the best career option YouTuber Vs a Real job?

Even today people consider YouTube as a hobby. Many people work on YouTube along with jobs in their free time or on weekends. But a professional YouTuber who gives his full time in YouTube has been seen making a lot of success in his career.

so what is the best option?

If you are a student or doing any jobs then you can share your passion on youtube in your free time.
But if you want to make a professional YouTuber by giving full time to YouTube, then you can do it, but keep in mind that experience is not counted in jobs.

youtube is just a passion that is totally different from jobs can never compare both.

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