Best Job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers

Best job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers

Best Job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers

Most of The Electronics and Communication Engineers(ECE) after Completing degree they are very excited and think what next? So in this post, we will discuss if you are interested in jobs so "Best Job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers" which help your technical knowledge improve and get an easy job. Before that, we look at the short description of electronics and communication Engineers.

Electronics and Communication Engineer
Electronics and Communication Engineer create, design, develop, modify and test electronics and Communication equipment. Example: Mobile Phone, Laptop etc.

If we want to Create mobile phone design, develop and how they work, how communication system works in phone everything is coming under Electronics and Communication. this is a simple description of electronics and communication Engineers.

The Average Salary Of an Electronics and Communication Engineer in the US is above $900000.

Best Job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers

 1.) Embedded Systems Design
 2.) VLSI Design
 3.) PCB & Circuit 
 4.) Internet of Things(IoT)                                     
 5.) Computer networking (CCNA/CCNP)
 6.) Industrial Automation(PLC & SCADA)
 7.) Robotics
 8.) Mobile computing.

 1.) Embedded System
In simple term "An embedded System is the Combination of computer hardware and software".Which is design for Some specific task. At the present time, we are completely surrounded by embedded systems. Embedded system design is the most demanding course, It is used in many sectors like the Automobile sector, Aerospace sector, Medical sector, Household appliance etc. Some famous Embedded system example Air conditioners, refrigerators, ATM, Washing machines, MRI, CT scanner etc.

There is more than 50 percentage equipment we use in daily life are embedded. Embedded systems are a major area of innovation. At present times the smart device is in demand so if your interest is combo hardware & software you can do the course in Embedded system.

 2.) VLSI (Very-Large-Scale Integration) Design
VLSI is the process of creating an IC or integrated circuit where thousands of transistors are combining into a single small cheap. The microprocessor is the best example of VLSI.

If you are good in Digital electronicsdesign and basic knowledge of System Verilog, UVM, DFT and some programming like C, C++ so you can make a career in VLSI technologies.VLSI Design is the fastest-growing career where the latest technology work on Nanosheet Transistor.  

3.) PCB (Printed Circuit Board Design)& Circuit Designing
PCB design is the most basic and most important field in the electronics sector without PCB Designing we can't make  Circuit and electronic gadgets.

 In PCB design you have to learn some software design tools or package like Altium Designer, Allegro or  PADs etc. This course depends entirely on hard work and knowledge, if you can study continuously, then definitely do this course. PCB course will give you a high salary job.

4.) Internet of Things(IoT)
Internet of things is the technology of science through which many technology and devices are connected through the internet. In this technology, devices are interconnected by Internet sensors and sharing the data or information with each other. Currently, more than 25 billion smart devices work on IoT. For example, in today's time, our heartbeat is detected by a smartwatch, smart car (driverless car) which detects traffic through the sensor, Amazon Echo, AC, automatic door, etc. Almost all devices have IoT technology Is used.

Accurate result and data analyst is very much in demand today, if you have interest in AI and IoT, then you can definitely make your career in it. IoT is one of the fastest trending technologies, it dominates in every sector all over the world, even to space.

5.) Computer Networking(CCNA, CCNP)
If your interest is in networking and security and has basic knowledge of IP addressing routing and Switching so the networking course CCNA is a very good option. If you pass the CCNA exam by taking a networking course, then you can do jobs anywhere in the world.

CCNA certification is very popular and valid. For good opportunities in your career, you can also be certified in any of these exams like CCNP, CCIE, JNCIA, JNCIP, JNCIE, JNCP. You can easily get entry-level jobs in the telecom and IT sector by doing a networking course.

6.) Industrial Automation(PLC and SCADA)
PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) is a special digital computer control system that monitors and control mechanisms in the automobile industry.

SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is an industrial computer-based control system that is  used to remotely monitor and control any plant production in    the different sector like Electric power generation,  oil and gas refiningtransportationtelecommunications etc.SCADA  easily communicates with PLC.

 In today's time, all the big industries( electrical, automobile industry etc.) are moving towards automation So if you want to make your career in the automation industry, then do a course in PLC and SCADA.

7.) Robotics
A robot is a programmed machine that uses artificial intelligence. The demand for robotics is high in many fields such as the automated field, medicine, space research, military etc.

A career in Robotics best for mechatronics engineer, but even if you are an electronic, mechanical, electric or computer-related branch, you can make a career in robotics. There is a great possibility and huge opportunity in robotics, this is the technology of the future.

8.) Mobile Computing
Mobile computing is an interesting technology in which data (audio, video, image, text, etc.) is transferred from one device to another without any cabling support. At the present time Internet access or web, education servicesGPS etc Mobile computing is being used everywhere.

If you are good at networking and have some basic knowledge of Computer so you can make a career in Mobile computing.

Job Profile
If you do any of these job oriented courses then you will get a job profile-
Embedded Application Developer, Embedded Firmware developer, Driver Developer PCB Design Engineer, Physical Design Engineer, Verification Engineer, RTL Engineer, FCV Verification Engineer, FPGA prototyping Flow Engineer, Physical verification Engineer, VLSI chip design engineer, Application VLSI engineer, network engineer etc.

Top 15 Famous Electronics Companies in the World
 1.) Apple Inc.
 2.) Samsung
 3.) Hon Hai Precision Industry
 4.) Huawei
 5.) Dell Technologies
 6.) Sony
 7.) Intel
 8.) Panasonic
 9.) LG
 10.) Hitachi
 11.) Cisco
 12.) Qualcomm
 13.) NVIDIA
 14.) Xilinx
 15.) Havells etc.

Best Country for Electronics and Communication Engineer for jobs opportunities
 1.) USA
 2.) China
 3.) Japan
 4.) South Korea
 5.) Germany
 6.) Taiwan
 7.) United Kingdom
 8.) India
 9.) Australia
10.) Singapore etc.

A lot of ECE students are interested in the software field if they are comfortable in IT skills then they can do any software-related course.

The main aim of this blog to give information on the Best Job Oriented Courses for Electronics and Communication Engineers. If you like the article share the feedback, and also, write comments if you find anything incorrect


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