Business Vs Job:Is Business Life Changer for Next-Generation ?

Business Vs Job is Business Life Changer for Next-Generation

"Business is like a sea and a job is like a sea boat, It is not possible to achieve the goal without both "

After completion of education, students have 2 options, either to do a job or to do business. Most of the famous leader and politicians said the 21st century is dominated by Entrepreneurship and employee. Which is a good option for a youth generation job or Business? Here we are discussing now-

In Indian society, the most common job is from 10am to 6pm. the job may be private or Government. In private job working hour is changed. India is a developing country so most of the people can not invest money that's the reason more than 50% of people in India working is as an employee. they can't effort big investment. some people dream to become IAS or IES to do something for society and country.

Education Qualification-
1.) A simple graduation degree for a government job.
2.) For the technical job required BE/B.Tech, ITI etc course.
3.) Marketing and Sales jobs required an MBA degree.

Advantages of Job:
1.) If you don't have money and have knowledge job is the best option for you.
2.) If you are interested in a peaceful work culture and the work-life balance you can go for the government job.
3.) In job flexibility of working hours is fixed so you can spend weekend time with family.
4.) The job provides a stable life and fixes the salary every month.

Disadvantages of job:
1.) In a job, you must have essential job qualification and skills.
2.) Earning in the job is fixed, not much growth is possible.


In a world, most people don't want to work for others. They spend their life according to their interest. the business gives you the freedom of enjoying your own self-decisions. If you have good vision and your mind is business-oriented so the business has the power that helps you can become the richest person on earth. Everyone know Mukesh Ambani, Jeff Bezos who is very successful businessmen.

Education Qualification :
There is no special education qualification required for the business.
1.)To develop leadership quality MBA is the best degree.
2.) BBA, BMS, BMS and BBM is also a good degree for business.

Note: Business is like a day and night so education gives the power to overcome the finical crisis and epidemic situation.

Advantages of Business
1.) In business you are the boss, so no one to fire you.
2.) In business, the owner has 100% of the profit.
3.) Earning from the business is unlimited.

Disadvantages of Business
1.) Starting a new business required a huge investment.
2.) Starting any new business is high risk.
3.) Business success requires good vision, patient and hard work.

Main differences between Job and Business
No. Basic Job Business
1 Qualification Education Qualification with skill set is mandatory for the job. No qualification is necessary for starting a business just need good vision and idea
2 Investment In job no Investment required. Starting any business need sufficient fund without an investment of money you can't open the business.
3 Risk There is no risk in the job Risk is very high in business.
4 Earning Earnings are fixed in jobs and growth is also fixed Earnings and profits in business are very high

Job vs Business which is the best option for carrier
With the help decent job, we can spend a good peaceful and stable life. And the business gives the freedom to fulfil their dream. A successful business gives name and fame.
                                               If the person does not want to take any types of risk and wants to simplify life balance life so he should go for the job. but if the person is ready for taking the risk and do something new he should go for business.

At the end of we can say that business and job both are good according to our own interest.

            Important tips 

  • Whenever you want to start a business, first of all, you should start with a small business and low investment.  
  • When starting a  new business, a business partner should be based on its merit and credibility, 30 to 40 % of new businesses fail in India every year because people make wrong business partners  who do not have knowledge about business
  • If you are thinking to start a new business, then formal education in business management and economics will be a foundation stone in your business.

"Doing a job without skill and business, without leadership quality is like a cloth which is useless and wasted over time."

The main purpose of this blog is to give basic knowledge about Business vs Job which is best for the student. If you like the article share the feedback, and also, write comments if you find anything incorrect. ‍ˈ


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