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SAP Complete Information

Basic information about SAP

SAP Stands for System Application Product. It is based on ERP(Enterprise resource planning) software. Today, more than 100 countries and their multinational companies work on SAP.

                            SAP is the most popular ERP software that is used for managing the complex business tasks of financials, human resources, logistics and other departments.

Eligibility Criteria for SAP Course

1) There are not special Criteria for SAP course, but if student complete Bachelor's degree Engineering, B.Com, B.Sc, Master degree or MCA it would be more beneficial for the carrier.
2) Some SAP ERP certification requires experience according to modules.

3) Eligibility Criteria for SAP different Modules-

i) Functional Modules:
The student should Complete graduate in any stream like etc.[ for MBA, BBA job opportunity more ]

ii) Technical Modules:
The student should complete a technical degree like MCA/BE/ BCA/Bsc IT etc.[for MCA, BE job opportunity more]

Duration and Fee

1) Course duration varies according to SAP modules but is normally 3-month course or 8 to 12 weeks for a full-time course.
2) The fees depend upon training Institute normally Course fee ranges from 20 thousand to 3.50 Lakhs depending on training Institute and  SAP course module.

SAP Modules

There are 20+ modules available in SAP modules which are categories into 2 types.

a.) Functional Modules
b.) Technical Modules 

a) Functional Modules:

1) Human Resource Management(SAP HRM)
2) Material Management(SAP MM)
3) Sales and Distribution(SAP SD)
4) Financial Accounting and Controlling(SAP FICO)
5) Quality Management(SAP QM)
6) Production Planning(SAP PP)
7) Financial Supply Chain Management(SAP FSCM)
8) Project System(SAP PS)
9) Plant Maintenance(SAP PM)
10) Human Capital Management (SAP HCM)

b) Technical Modules:

1) SAP Basis
2) Advanced Business Application Programming) (SAP ABAP)
3) SAP NetWeaver
4) Customer Relationship Management(SAP CRM)
5) SAP Solution Manager
6) SAP Security
7) High-performance Analytic Appliance.(SAP HANA)
8) Exchange Infrastructure(SAP XI)
9) Business Warehouse(SAP BW)
10) Business Objects(SAP BO)

Note: There are some modules of SAP which is provide high salary they are- SAP HANA, SAP ABAP, SAP FICO, SAP Security and SAP MM.

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Best Carrier Option after SAP

1) SAP Technical Architect
2) SAP ABAP Application Developer
3) SAP Solution Architect
4) SAP Portal Developer
5) SAP Portal Consultant
6) SAP Business Analyst
7) SAP FICO Consultant
8) SAP SD Consultant
9) SAP ABAP Consultant
10) SAP BW Developer 

Top Companies for SAP Fresher/Experience

1) Accenture
2) Cognizant
3) Wipro
4) L & T InfoTech
5) SAP Labs
6) Tech Mahindra


Best Training Institute for SAP

If you are searching for the best SAP training Institute you have 3 options-

1) You can join authorise SAP training institute but you have to pay a large amount of fees if you are capable you can join.
2) You can join a local SAP training institute in India every metro city ample amount of SAP training institute is available their fees are reasonable.
3) you can also join online training for SAP.

 Important information about SAP Training
1) ABAP, FICO, MM is the most demanding SAP module, if you are thinking to join SAP then you can think about this module at least once.

2) UK(United Kingdom), France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy is the best country which provides the best SAP job opportunity.

The main purpose of this blog is to give the basic information about SAP Course. If you like the article share the feedback, and also, write comments if you find anything incorrect.

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