CDAC or Training Institute Which is Best for Fresher Engineer ? Royal Interviewer

 CDAC Diploma vs Training Which is the best 

Option for Fresher Engineer?

CDAC vs Training Institute which is best option

Taking Admission in Engineering College everyone things everyone well placed for campus placement. But unfortunately, most of the college does not provide good placement and quality education that's reason Engineer student either unemployed or do not get the job as per your wish, and they go to another field or else Students go to big cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune to find a job, and when they try OffCampus and Walkins when they got not selected they understand they have a lack of technical knowledge after that student takes a decision which is maybe correct or incorrect.

The student has 3 options available-

1) Private Training Institute
3.)Higher Study

1) Private Training Institute:

In big metro cities, jobs are in 30 days such offer, for example, Java Master in 30 days, except 5 to 10 training classes, all others are fake which once the money is taken, and not give any attention to the student that's result student not get a job even after the course completed, some training institute only teaches theory which does not get practical knowledge due to which student is technically weak like in coding and then struggle for jobs and feel cheated on themselves.

Private Training

Some coaching classes provide jobs but out of 500 students, hardly 50 are at fault in this coaching class as well and student we will also discuss what is the mistake of the student in the upcoming blog. The main reason for taking admission to the Training Institute is fewer fees around 10000-50000 thousand. But Some training institute is also good which take fewer fees and provide good quality-wise knowledge

2) CDAC:

CDAC stands for Centre for Development of Advanced Computing called a PG Diploma. C-CAT organizes twice a year exam. A short preparation of the exam helps us can get good College.CDAC is a well-reputed government-authorize College. CDAC provides quality-wise education, placement. with a good package.

 As compare to training institutes we must give first priority to CDAC. But CDAC fees are high compare to another private training institute its fees around 1 lakh which is difficult for economically weaker. But a student who is serious about his carrier and gives 100% effort only that's student should join CDAC.

What's is the major difference between the CDAC and the Training Institute?


 1) CDAC provides quality-wise practical oriented education which helps student gets a master of technology.
 2) CDAC take lots of hard work from the student, that helps almost 80-90% student placed form CDAC.
 3) CDAC course is a 6-month authorized course in which Diploma value good in the market.
 4) CDAC helps students placed in good MNC with good Package.

Training Institute:

1) Private training institutes quality-wise average to good and their focus mostly on theory section rather than the practical section.
 2) After taking fees from a student they do not care about the student.
 3) Training course is a 2-3 month course and they do not provide good placement support. private training batch size is maximum so the trainer is not capable to focus on each and every student.

  What is the best option for fresher?

1) If a fresher student average to good in technical knowledge he can do self-study and give exams like Elitmus, AMCAT, and selected for the company.
2) If fresher students not good at technical knowledge and average to a good economical background so they must choose CDAC.
 3) If a fresher student is economically weaker so he can take training from the private institute but before taking admission he must check their demo class, their review from the previous student.

Important tips to remember:

1) Before taking the admission in training class first check the course Contents because most of the coaching classes course syllabus is limited which is not standard according to the company-wise.

2) To take admission in a training institute or CDAC first checks our interest or no interest in this course for example if we are weak and not interest in coding so we should not choose the developer path. Select only those courses which are in good demand in the market.  


The main purpose of this blog is to clear the confusion between
CDAC or Training Institute is Best for Fresher Engineer? helps students can take the right decision for their career path. If you like the blog share this blog.

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