Government Or Private Job Which Is Best Choice:For Fresher

Government or Private job which is best for fresher

Which job is better for us a government job or a private job?

After graduation, students have to choose one of two options, which option is better for us, government or private, we will discuss here.

Government Job
Government job in India and the students who get it, like Mother son relation, about 70-80 students in India want them to get a government job too.

Government jobs in India 2 type of technical and non-technical.

Non-technical government jobs:
 Like IFS, IPS, IAS etc. are very popular jobs. This type of jobs required a lot of effort and time together.

Technical Government Job: Like ISRO DRDO, PSU, this engineer completed and qualifies at the gate required.

Private job
Even today in India, 60-80 per cent of people do private jobs, private jobs are also of 2 types.

1) Technical private jobs: Technical private jobs are mostly done by students with engineers who do branches like IT, electronic, mechanical etc. In which students work in a good multinational company

2) Non Technical private jobs: Non-technical private jobs are done by students with a normal graduate, this job varies from call centre to business analyst.

Difference between Government (Public sector) and Private jobs

No. Base Government Job Private Job
1 Education qualification The essential qualification of most government jobs is graduate, some times stream is important according to the job role. Private job qualification varies according to job roles company to company some company requires Graduate, some require Engineer and MBA.
2 Age Limit There is an age limit in government jobs. In the most job, age ranges are between 25-30 There is no age limit in private jobs.
3 Job Opportunities Government jobs have limited jobs Opportunities Private job has unlimited job opportunities.
4 Job Security High jobs security in Government jobs. jobs security is less in private jobs. depends on employee performance, company loss and gain.
5 Job Salaries jobs salary is fixed in government jobs. there is not too much earning possible In a private company, salary is not fixed it varies according to company and country. In a private company, we can earn more money according to our ability
6 Life Balance Government job is less stressful, fix the working hours, and work-life balance In some private job, lots of stress and some time life is not balance
7 onsite opportunity aboard if you are working on government jobs onsite opportunity or abord job opportunity is very less In private job onsite or aboard job opportunity is more.

Who should choose the Government job?

1) If students want to do something for society and the country, then they should prepare for the IAS, IES like the civil exam.

2) If the student wants to help the country at all times, he can go to the field like Air Force, Military etc. according to interest.

3) If the student is interested in finance, it is best to go to bank type jobs.

4) If an engineering student wants to go for a government job in the technical field then he can go like ISRO, DRDO Join a company like Maharatna, Navratna, Miniratna.

Who should choose a private job?

1)If a student wants to learn a new technology every time then he should definitely choose a private job.

2) If the student is doing private job doors for him to work abroad always open.

3)If you want to open your own company in the future, then joining a private job should be your first step.

Which is the best Government job or Private job for fresher

Government and a private company are two pillars for any country, which is important for the overall development of the country.
                     The student should choose the job according to their own interest. which can fulfil their wish and plan. Either they can join a private job or government jobs. Both are equally good.

The main purpose of this blog is to give basic knowledge between Government or  Private job. If you like the article share the feedback, and also, write comments if you find anything incorrect.


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