Cracking The day before the Interview | Boys-Girls Dress&Tips

Cracking The day before the Interview  Boys-Girls Dress & Special Tips

Cracking The day before the Interview | Boys-Girls Dress&Tips

Everyone gets nervous after hearing the name of the interview. But this is a very important part of life. Today we will tell about the preparations for the Interview and journey a day before the interview. In this post, we discuss interview preparation, interview Uniform/dress and some other success tips.

After Receiving the Call letter

1.) Check the company website.
2.) What technology, products do the company work on, what are its clients? Must check information.
you can visit Glassdoor for review and rating of companies.

Journey Schedule

Without attending an interview how can you succeed? So if your interview location is your the city it's very good but if your interview location is another city must schedule a journey with proper time management.

"Punctuality is the first step to success."

Crash Preparation of your Subject

Everyone knows Preparation never ends, but we have to repeat some project, subject related question. Preparation boosts confidence.

1.) If you are from technical background revised some technical related skills.

2.) If you are from Non-technical background(like government jobs & federal
 government jobs) revised some current news, big events and government activities, Schemes etc. according to the job post.)

3.) If you are from financial and accounting background you have to keep updated on the stock market like(NewYork, JapanExchange, London, Shanghai, Euronext, Toronto, Bombay etc.Stock Exchange according to your country and city.)

Mental Preparation

Before giving an interview you have to prepare mentally it means you have to give some mock interview in front of friends or family or even a mirror. Prepare some commonly asked introduction based question and answer.

"Knowledge and practice boosts confidence that's the second step of Success"

Important Tips About Uniform, Dress or Clothes

Boys-Girls Interview Dress

The dress depends on the Sector, job role and position but the most common Dress code.-

For Boys/Men's
1.) Wear a simple light-coloured full sleeve shirt with the best combination of pants. (Shirt colour: white, blue, light blue etc.)
Your shirt should be a plain or simple check print shirt.

 2.) A suit is not necessary for every post but if you are wearing make sure your colour of the suit is navy blue or grey or according to shirt combination.

3.)The tie is optional for most of the company but some sector and role it's are mandatory.
                                         ( If you are wearing a plain single coloured shirt, then you can wear a printed tie. But if you are wearing a check print shirt, then go for a plain tie.)

4.) The belt should be simple if the belt colour is matching with the shoes. Will look good.

‍5.) Wear dark socks and. Shoes must be polished and match uniforms.

Tip: Make sure your dress must be neat and clean.

Important Tips for Boys/Men
1.) Do not go wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
2.) Men should be clean shaved or have a well-groomed beard.
3.) Men should remove earring and piercings before going to the interview.
4.) Tattoos do not have a good effect on jobs, so if there is a tattoo then it is better to hide it.

For Girls/Women
There are unlimited options in dress for the girl, but in interview time it's limited only.

1.) USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Russia, Japan Most standard common dress
: Suit/blazer in black, navy, or dark grey, simple blouse or button-down shirt with skirt knee length or pants.

2.) China: Conservative suits, pantsuits or dresses in subdued.

3.) India, Nepal, Srilanka:
You can wear famous traditional culture dress like simple salwar-Suit, Kurti-leggings or simple saree in which you are comfortable. You can also wear a suit/blazer with pants in a business-related profile.

4.) Footwear: Women should wear Ballet flats, plain sandals or wear formal shoes according to dress matching colour.

Important Tips for Girls/Women
1.) A girl can wear only simple Jewellery don't wear too heavy jewellery.
2.) Don't wear too short a dress or skirt.
3.) Light makeup and light perfume are ok but don't apply over makeup.
3.)The hairstyles of the girl should be well managed.
4.) Don't wear high heels sandals.

Documentation Tips
1.) Carry a simple bag for documents.
2.) Resume/CV Extra copies.
3.) ID card with the academic record.
3.) Pen with plain paper.
4.) For IT profile Laptop, Pendrive. (for experienced employee).

         Bonus Tips
  • Get a good night's sleep and go for an interview. 
  • Give your 100% in the interview. Definitely, you will get success.

 "Do not be disappointed if you fail because failure is the first step of success".

Best of Luck


The main aim of the blog "cracking The day before the interview|Boys-Girls Dress&Tips" to guide student if you like to share and comment and if you found anything incorrect send feedback.

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