Top 30 Motivational Quotes:That teach Lesson of Life

Top 30 Motivational Quotes:That teach Lesson of Life

1.) "Humanity is above money, Never forget humanity for Money."

2.) "Soap does not give foam even without rubbing, so the idea of success without hard work is a waste."

3.) "Never be a star in life, Belike the sun, which gives the light in the day, it also illuminates as the light of the moon at night."

4.) "Never give money to any poor, give knowledge, food, goods so that he can start a new life."

5.) "Keep dreams like building high and step on it to complete it and climb on it."

6.) "No day should be spent without learning and smiling because learning is sweet medicine for the brain and smile medicine for health."

7.) "The most difficult task in life is to make a decision, 90% of the students have failed in life because they have taken the wrong decision."

8.) "Learn to respect time as much as possible, otherwise, the time wasted will bring storm in your life."

9.) "Never run for a girl, boy and money, it is like a train, it never belongs to anyone, who keeps changing, run only for family, hard work, and love. It is like a car that is always with you."

10.) "The purpose of a human's life is not only to get jobs and marriage but to do something for the service of the society, help for the poor and the environment."

11.) "Only the weakest child can become the greatest, because zero is capable only in becoming crores and billion, so no child should ever consider himself weak."

12.) "Never boast of beauty, if it is to be done, then boast of good work because the beauty ends one day and good work becomes immortal."

13.) "Nature is giving us water, oxygen, so it is our duty that we also take care of nature."

14.) "It is not enough to just think, it is wise to start today."

15.) "Do not blame anyone for your mistake because you are hiding your deficiency."

16.) "To get success in life, it is very important to test yourself daily so that we can pass the exam of life."

17.) "Every time your focus on forwarding direction(target) does not see in backward direction otherwise you will definitely lose. For example, A lion focuses on forwarding direction and running animal see in backward direction what happened? A lion hunts animal."

18.) "Everything is true. Truth gives confidence, positive energy and respect."

19.) "Don't choose a career according to society and family pressure choose to career your own interest otherwise you will never forgive own."

20.) "Just as if the water is clear, our face is seen on it, similarly, if our heart is clear, then we look different among the people."

21.) "Don't just be a Bluetooth in life, Which can only benefit one, but be wifi so that You can help all people."

22.) "It is necessary to change our plans according to the time so that we can become a smart person in modern society."

23.) "Do not ever assume your success is the defeat of others because maybe the goal of others is difficult." 

24.) "To work tomorrow make a plan today only, otherwise, tomorrow Whole day take the time for action only."

25.) "Just as everyone's fingerprint is different. Similarly, the quality of all human beings is also different."

26.) "Never stop the study, otherwise, the ability to make good decisions in the mind is weakened, read something new daily."

27.) "Our best friend is the time who teaches us everything move with time definitely will get success."

28.) "Work Spirit is like fuel if we have a passion so we will get ahead in life with success."

29.) "Life is the gift of god so make only friends in life and
don't make enemies."

30.) "Don't leave effort, because the effort is the door of success, if you break the door you get success, the effort is the key to success."

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