Top 25 Motivational Quotes: That will change the life of you

Top 25 Motivational Quotes:That will change the life of you

1.) Do not make fun of other's poverty, poor people are rich at heart.

2.) 2 students should never be compared because both have different quality. For example, we can't compare mango and Pomegranate fruit both have different qualities.

3.) People say, forget the old mistakes, but you should not forget the old mistake, otherwise, the same mistake should be made again.

4.)Take time for yourself so that you can analyze yourself.

5.)Take as much knowledge as possible so that if one door of life is closed, then another life can go through the other door.

6.) Always be in the company of people with good thoughts, people with bad thoughts take us to the path of failure.

7.) Sleep in a fixed time every day, and wake up in a fixed time and do meditation every day, meditation works as a tonic in the mind.

8.) Never earn money from the wrong ways if you are earning in the right way you are a respectable person otherwise if you earn money from the wrong way they will spoil your whole career.

9.) It is always important to be serious while working and studying and not to be serious while joking.

10.) There is no one in your life greater than the parents, so always respect the parents. They always live with us in joy and sorrow.

11.) As far as possible keep yourself busy so that negative thinking is not in your mind.

12.) Do not do a lot of work together, only do one thing at a time so that we can give 100% of our work to it.

13.) Just as the speed of the vehicle determines the time of its goal, similarly the passion in any work helps in completing it.

14.) Tomorrow is nothing but only an updated and completed version of today.

15.) Hard work, Determination, performance and Confidence is 4 pillar of Success.

16.) Just like a collection of the page is notebook, similarly collection of our friends, family relative and their emotions success and failure is our life.

17.) Not all students can be good at Study, not all students can be good at sports, not all students can be good at singing. The student will be the best in the field in which he will have an interest.

18.) Never upset in life. Faith and life give multiple chances in life if you miss this chance you can recover that but have to move fast in the life of the race.

19.) Exercise is the secret to improve concentration power and confidence so daily 30 minutes of exercise can refresh your mind.

20.) Mistakes are like a screw of the machine without fitting machine can't operate the same as without improving mistakes we can't succeed.

21.) Neither choose a career under pressure from anyone nor eat food, a career of pressure will spoil life and pressure food will spoil your health.

22.) Quarrel embarrasses mankind, As far as possible identity with friendship.

23.) Learn to take life seriously, jokes are good only in childhood.

24.) Just as a car cannot move without an engine and its parts and fuel, our life cannot proceed without goals and hard work.

25.) Failure is the first step of success so never disappointed after failure.

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