Attention: Weak In Coding But Want To Make Career In IT Industry: Best Option For Student

Attention Weak in Coding But Want to Make Career in IT Industry?

Most of the computer Engineer and IT Engineer completed degree but even after they are not comfortable with coding and not interested to make a career as a developer, but some friends, family and society pressure they forcefully learn to code and join the company.
                                  Some of them want to make a career in MNC IT company but want to join another profile. But lack of knowledge and guidance they are struggling in life. So here we are talking about if you are weak in coding so what's the option available for students to make a good career.

1.) Computer Networking
If you are from the computer, IT branch, or Electrical branch and not comfortable in coding so networking may be a good option for a career. In the networking sector, you have to do CCNA training with the help of CCNA training you can make as a career-

a.) Network Administrator
b.) Network Engineer
c.) System Engineer etc.

After completing this CCNA training you can get jobs in Cisco, TCS, Wipro like big MNC company with good package.

The average salary of a Network engineer is above $68,258 in the USA.

2.) QA ( Software Testing )
If you want to make a career in IT industry  Software Testing is a good choice. The main work of software Tester is to test the software and check performance. In software testing, very less coding skills are required. you can also choose automation tester as a career.

The average salary of a Software Tester in the USA is above  $64,000 per year.

3.) Business Analyst
If you have business-related knowledge good communication, Presentation Skills, different types of product knowledge and also have some technical skills so you can choose a career as a Business Analyst.

The average salary of a Business Analyst in the USA is above $75,000 per year.

4.) Technical Content Writer
In IT company technical writer is main work is to write technical documentation in easy language that help's company team member, developer and other stuff can easily understand.

 Required skills
1. Good writing skills
2. Technical knowledge
3. Good sense of humour.

The average salary of Technical Content writer is above $45,000 per year in the USA.

5.) IT Recruiter / US IT Recruiter / HR Recruiter
The main work of IT Recruiter is to hire a good candidate for the company.

Required Skills
1.) Technical Knowledge
2.) Good Communication Skills.

The average salary of an IT Recruiter in the USA is above $64000 per year.

6. ) UX Designer / Graphic Designer / Animation
If you interested in designing and your mind is creative about designing and your imagination is also good so you can choose anyone from UX Designer, Graphic Design or Animation as a career.

Required skills
1.) Visualization
2.) Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop., Adobe Illustrator Tools.
3.) Some web development HTML, CSS coding knowledge.

The average salary of the Graphic Designer in the USA is Above $45000 per year.

7.) Digital Marketing
Promotion of any product in digital media like Facebook. Instagram, Website is called Digital Marketing. 

 Required Skills
1.) Product knowledge
2.) Affiliates marketing
3.) Social media Knowledge.

The average salary of the Digital Marketing Specialist in the USA is above $50,000 per year.

8.) RPA Developer
RPA(Robotic process automation) is a new trending technology.RPA uses artificial intelligence so the human effort is reduced. RPA is a present and Future demand technology so if you want to switch career in new technology so RPA is the best choice. 

Required Skills
1.) Required knowledge of blue prism or UI path Tools.
2.) Basic knowledge of Java,

The average salary of RPA developers is very high in the USA above $100,000 per year.

Some other Technology like Cloud Computing, Salesforce developer needs some coding skills so you can also make a career in this technology.


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The main aim of this blog to give basic guidance for fresher about Non-coding jobIf you like the article share the feedback, and also, write comments if you find anything incorrect.

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